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Posted by on Aug 1, 2012 | 2 comments


Visionary Director Christopher Nolan returns for the final chapter of the Batman saga. In this exclusive SoundWorks Collection video we profile the sound and music team including Composer Hans Zimmer and Supervising Sound Editor and Sound Designer Richard King.

Special thank to SoundWorks Collection for putting this together.


  1. Thanks. That was an awesome look into the behind the scenes for the sound design. Hans Zimmer’s studio set up is mind blowing. I think he had more computer screens in that room then NASA’s control room. 

  2. Nice video! Yesterday went and saw the movie, was a bit dissapointed. Ofcourse it was full of action and heroics, but it just didn’t interest me a lot (characters, Gotham). The sound design was generally really good, but Bane’s voice didn’t fit in the mix (but maybe it was an issue with the venue setup), it sounded to loud/treated and just popped out too much.
    I find that strange, because Richard King specifically mentions the fact that they payed a lot of attention to keeping it ‘not overtreated’. What went wrong?
    The music was a disappointment, of course it’s not easy to top the soundtrack from the dark knight (joker theme is brilliant). Hans zimmer’s studio looks very impressive, but the score was never as interesting as it was in some of his other works. The fact that he says ‘it doesn’t tell you what to feel’ seems like a thing he believes in, but was unable to achieve. But maybe this is simply the genre or his style?

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