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Posted by on Aug 7, 2012 | 0 comments

Sonic Salute: Factory Machinery Ambiences

I had the recent pleasure to receive a copy of Factory Machinery Ambiences from Mikkel Nielsen over at Sonic Salute. It’s a pretty cool atmospheric selection of engines and motors and pounding metal.  Some blurbs from the library page:

Sounds range from plastic foundries, casting machines, and machinery alarms, to giant textile processing units, and medical equipment manufacturing, cleanrooms and robotics.
All very loud environments. All recordings are several minutes long.

Recorder: Sound Devices 702. Mics: Sennheiser Mkh416 and Ambient Emesser.

Factory Machinery Ambiences. 65 stereo tracks. 96Khz 24 bit. 4 GB, ZIP download. All tracks named and Metadata tagged.

The library is currently available for $25. Which I think is a fantastic price although this is certainly a set for ambiences and not a library of isolated machines. Unfortunately there isn’t much in the way of visuals or descriptive file names but this is for a reason:

2 out of 4 factories, allowed for a handful of pictures to be taken. Info on the process and specific machinery type, was unfortunately not allowed to be written down or otherwise archived.

A bit of a bummer but at the price context isn’t as much of a concern. And starting today (August 7) until August 14 Sonic Salute is knocking 20% off when you buy any two libraries. Check that all out here.

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