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Posted by on Aug 27, 2012 | 0 comments

Bullets HD Professional SFX Library Beta

If you haven’t been keeping up with Frank Bry’s blog over at The Recordist (which you totally should) let me bring you up to speed on Bullets HD Pro:

Presenting the 2nd pre-release Beta version of Bullets HD PRO Sound Effects Library at an introductory price of $150.00 USD. When the library is completed in late August (at the very latest: early September), the final version of the library will be available to pre-release purchasers at no additional cost. (A savings of $50.00 USD)

As you might know, this library is a massive undertaking. It is not delayed or taking longer, it’s just an issue of recording all the source material I need to make it a comprehensive collection of bullet sound effects.

I still have many recording sessions planned over the next few weeks with many types of guns. I also plan on recording lots of bullet foley.

Thanks, Frank -The Recordist

So in a nutshell you get to have a library early, and pay less for it. Frank has made very detailed posts about his recording process:

Slow Motion Bullets Part-1

Slow Motion Bullets Part-2

Having listened through the library I can certainly glad I have it. The assortment of impacts, whiz-bys and ricos alone is worth the price of admission alone. I really love the authenticity the samples have, which isn’t something easily attained when designing a whiz or impact from scratch.

The library is slated to be completed late August or early September so if you want to grab some savings you might want to pick Bullets HD Pro up sooner rather than later!

Also make sure to follow Frank Bry on Twitter.

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