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SFX News 04.07.12

BOOM Library released his previously announced Cars – Everyday Cars library

This 4 DVD collection offers more than 20 GB of data. We completely wired 10 everyday cars, rented a super-quiet test track for our recordings and are now proud to deliver really great and pristine long takes of drive-bys, car engine sounds, exhaust sounds and stereo interior recordings. We also give you a great selection of close handling sounds like switches, indicators, ventilation, handbrakes, basically everything we could find. All files contain extensive metadata to provide you with the fastest and easiest workflow possible.

Empty Sea has released Sea Monsters, over 4000 creature sounds.

Start with four original creatures direct from the voice of our own Mark Camperell. Each sound was recorded at 192k/24bit for maximum design potential. Then, we meticulously edited, mastered and embedded the files with metadata. Next, we have provided a second version of each creature, stretched to 50% (96k) for even more variation and creative potential. The HD sample rates will allow for plenty of manipulative capability through the preservation of high frequencies in processing/stretching. Eight original creature voices in all, Sea Monsters can not be missed!

The Sound Catcher releases Tortured School library.

We recorded an old abandoned school and gained a lot of nice and very unique sound fx for your next sounddesign project. Get all 702 MB / 167 Sounds tagged and in 24/96 for your pleasure.

Affordable Audio 4 Everyone has released Action RPG Characters.

The Action RPG Characters library is the perfect solution for quickly getting professional voices into your game. Features 10 voice actors, 6 Male, 4 Female from around the world, each adding a unique touch to the library. Each Actor has voiced lines to cover a wide range of possible game types/classes, and even covers extra things for both main heroes, follower characters, and even some enemy dialogue. Includes handfulls of variations on different actions, to ensure you have a multitude of different sounds to play around with, and avoid repetition. For those with specific dialogue in mind, the contact info for all the voice actors is included for you to get in touch with them. Also included is some additional extra sounds for rpg’s.

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