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Posted by on Jul 26, 2012 | 3 comments

Chuck Russom FX is Back!

Chuck Russom sent out an email this morning that I think quite a few people will be glad to see:

Six months ago I shut down Chuck Russom FX and exited the sound library business.  I truly belived I was done and the business would not return.  Over time, I have heard from many of you.  I have recieved countless messages of support and as time moved on and I’ve been contacted by many of you asking for the old sound libraries.


At first I would get a message every now and then.  Over time the messages become more frequent; weekly, daily, even multiple messages in a day.  It became clear to me that I underestimated the appeal of my work, the demand of the sound community, and the loyality of my customers.


So I’ve decided to bring it back.  I’ve had enough of a break, it’s time to get back to work.  If Batman can come out of retirement, then so can I! A new website is up, the libraries are once again available for instant download, and we’re ready to rock.


Chuck Russom

Chuck’s SFX can be found here.


  1. In our line of work, the more the merrier (and quality always prevails in the end) ! So welcome back, and kudos for your quality product :D … (Ps: I’m ”gathering my cents” to purchase at least a couple of your libraries ;)) …

  2. Welcome back Chuck. I went though most of you demo sounds, and they sound quality. I am sure you will get it going well! Good luck!

  3. Great to hear Chuck! Your dog library was indispensable on a dog movie that worked on not too long ago!

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