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Develop Audio Special Roundup

UK games industry website Develop-Online has posted a series of special articles and interviews with various members of the audio production community on  game audio. This Audio Special discusses a broad range of subjects such as voice production and localisation, audio implementation, generative audio, sound libraries and the importance of setting and maintaining standards throughout production, with guests including PitStop’s production director Nadeem Daya, Side Productions‘ Sini Downing, sound designer Stephan Shutze, royalty-free sound and music library vendor Soundrangers, former Bioware Audio director Simon Pressey and members the Mass Effect 2 sound team, and Jan Werkmeister of audio, localisation and QA services studio Synthesis International.

All these articles are linked below;

Develop Audio Special: Setting Standards (Nadeem Daya of PitStop Productions)

Develop Audio Special: Expressions In Sound ( Wave,  Cubic Motion)

Develop Audio Special: Managing a Monster ( Sini Downing of Side)

Develop Audio Special: The Generation Game (Stephan Shutze)

Develop Audio Special: Noise In The Library (Soundrangers)

Develop Audio Special: Wwise Words (With Simon Pressey, Jack Wall and Brian DiDomenico )

Develop Audio Special: The Sound of Localisation ( Jan Werkmeister of Synthesis Intl. )


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