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SFX News 08.05.12

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The Recordist has released Autumn Rain.

A pristine collection of 50 24-Bit 96kHz rainfall sound effects from the forests and fields of North Idaho. Recorded primarily in the fall season of 2011 around my ranch and high up in the mountains. Other rain tracks were recorded early and late winter when the rainy season it peaking. A large portion of this library was recorded with the Sennheiser MKH-8040ST at XY-90 and XY-120 to capture the stunning detail of rain drops on leaves, wood and concrete.

BOOM has released Micro BOOM – Gun Handling.

Impressive and high quality gun shot sound effects are invaluable but they’re only half the battle. “Micro BOOM – GUN HANDLING” now gives you the perfect other half. 11 different firearms. Triggers, dry shots, safety switches, reloading, magazines and much more, delivered in the high BOOM Library quality standard with 96kHz, 24bit. A more than perfect addition to the BOOM GUNS Library. Click, click – BOOM!

Affordable Audio 4 Everyone released Lighthearted Magic. All proceeds above $5 go to

A must have for anyone looking to add some interesting sounds for their visual FX. Don’t let the name fool you, there is plenty of good stuff to mix together to build up to darker sounding elements. The Lighthearted MiniMagic library was made for building that fun loving disappear sound, or for adding a great feel to some spining particles around a character.

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Empty Sea has a sound library. They have one small release so far and there’s another one coming soon.

Coming soon, the full version of Sea Monsters.  This collection will showcase some of Empty Sea’s most original and best creatures.  Each sound will be recorded at 192k/24bit for optimum quality and maximum design potential



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