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Posted by on Mar 22, 2012 | 1 comment

Wwise 2012.1 now available to download

Audiokinetic have released Wwise version 2012.1, which focuses on new features, workflow enhancements and a variety of performance and bug fixes.

The headline new feature is undoubtedly the  introduction of seven  iZotope plug-ins for Windows and Xbox 360. Included in the suite are:

  • Hybrid Reverb

    Hybrid Reverb allows the user to import an impulse file, extract the early reflections, and separately control the reverb tail. Includes 14 impulse responses.

  • Trash Filters

    36 sweepable filter styles including: synth, standard analog, resonant analog, retro and talkbox. An assortment of 84 different speaker, cabinet, amp, and effect box models, each with a selection of 3 different microphone types: dynamic, condenser, and ribbon.

  • Trash Distortion

    47 different distortion types including: ‘overdrive’, ‘distortion’, fuzz’, ‘retro’, and ‘faulty’.

  • Trash Multi Band Distortion

    3 bands allowing for up to 2 Trash distortions per band with independent control over each crossover.

  • Trash Box Models

    84 different box, speaker, cabinet, amp and effect box models each with 3 microphone types: dynamic, condenser, and ribbon.

  • Trash Dynamics

    Compressor and Gate ideal for adding variety in real-time.

  • Trash Delay

    1 second delay with 6 delay types including: Tape, Tube, Analog, LoFi Digital, Broken Bit, and Digital.


Among other features includes Nested Work Units, to simplify the workflow for multi-user projects, Unity Pro Integration and pipeline support for the Wii U

To download the latest version, visit the Audiokinetic downloads page.



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  1. Unity Pro integration!?  Thank you!

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