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Posted by on Feb 22, 2012 | 2 comments

AudioGaming to launch AudioWeather plugin at GDC 2012

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AudioGaming have unveiled their innovative plugin ‘AudioWeather‘ for FMOD and other audio engines, and will be demonstrating the plug-in in action live at FMOD’s Game Developers Conference booth (1532) in San Francisco, March 7th -9th.

AudioGaming introduces the first procedural and dynamic audio weather system. Based on specific acoustic modeling we produce realistic as well as unrealistic sound effects computed in real time. Game designers get high level control and Sound designers / Programmers get expert control on the generated audio.

For the sound designer, the natural interaction between a scene and its parameters will dramatically enhance the speed of sound conception, its dynamic integration as well as the number
of sound design possibilities. The interactive audio synthesizers developed by AudioGaming represent an innovative complement to audio samples that can usually impose tedious processes (edition/tagging/integration) for interactive media creators.

A downloadable demo of AudioWeather running in Unity3D is available from their website for both Windows and OSX here. The demo allows you to experiment with variable wind and rain parameters and hear their effects in real time


  1. Reminds me of resonance.

  2. Hi Harrp.

    Could you detail about “resonance” ?



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