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Posted by on Jan 13, 2012 | 9 comments

Year end Sonic-mash: the soundscape!

First: a BIG thank you to all the contributors, this wouldn’t have been possible without the sounds!

How did this work?

The Max/MSP patch works by playing random files in a random sequence and from random points within the files. If left by itself it can play these files back in this random order to create a never-ending soundscape. Although, there are a few controls to help design the way it sounds:

  • Play length of each file (Eg.: If it’s set at 4000ms, it would play back a sound for 4000ms and then crossfade into the next sound)
  • Fade length – crossfade length (from 0ms to 1ms less than the play length)
  • Speed/pitch: Vari-speed playback control
  • Reverse
  • Random type: Urn (random without repeats), Drunk (Randomised but ‘drunken’), Random (random with unpredictable repeats), Counter (sequential playback)

The outputs were connected to a channel strip type interface, from which the signal was sent (parallel) to a reverb and delay plugin.

What you hear below are sounds that were contributed (thank you again!) and then generated and ‘performed’ using the above mentioned controls with a MIDI controller. I recorded a few takes and this was the one I preferred the most. I’ve also included a screengrab of the patch at work, for the curious.

Have a great sounding year ahead!

Thanks to:
Eckhard Kuchenbecker
Echo Collective
Hrishikesh Dani
Chris Nealy
Angel Perez Grandi
Jaydea Lopez
Ana Roman
Péter Terner
Anna Papaioannou

Year End Sonic-Mash on Soundcloud

Year End Sonic-Mash on Vimeo


  1. I love this project, thanks to everyone for contributing their sounds and time to making it happen!

  2. This is pretty cool

    I imagine a purgatory ambiance, or some sort of coma/psychic visions sequence, where a character/actor is having images slammed at them.

  3. Brilliant..!! Loved this!

  4. @Daniel: Haha! Daniel, that’s a cool interpretation of it. Might also ring with the whole ‘end of the world’ theme. ;)

  5. This is super interesting, how do I get this programme / patch so I can create my own?? 

  6. @Jack: There are things I’d still like to develop before I release it as a downloadable app. I don’t have a specific date, but it will be available on my website when I do release it. 

  7. @Varun: This is fantastic. I am also very interested in this app! I am following you on twitter now, so I guess I will know when it is finished?!

    Awesome job everyone!

  8. @Oscar: Thanks Oscar! Yeah, if you follow me in twitter you should get to know about it. Alternatively, you could drop your email at the bottom of this page for notifications

    I’ll also comment on this post, for anyone else who might be interested. 

  9. Following @Oscar and @Jack’s comments, though a few years later, I would be interested in programme/app/patch as I have searched for something that does just what your patch does but have not found anything else. Will sign up for updates and check your website to see if an app appears, fingers crossed Simon


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