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Posted by on Jan 17, 2012 | 2 comments

The Recordist Releases Ultimate Rockslide 2 HD Pro

The Recordist has released Ultimate Rockslide 2 HD Pro sound library, containing 750 24bit 96kHz rock and dirt sound effects on 115 Broadcast WAV files with detailed Metadata embedded.

This sequel to Ultimate Rockslide contains brand new rock based sound effects and multi-microphone files with tons of dirt and sand debris sounds recorded close up and distant to give the sound designer ample options. The multi-perspective files are also time aligned and grouped for easy access and auditioning. Most tracks contain many variations and performances for sound design flexibility.

Included in this collection are:
Large, medium and small rocks with tons of dirt debris – Gritty rocks off a cliff – Moist and dry dirt falling – Sand based debris sprays – Gravel dumped on wood boxes and platforms – Extended foley actions such as scraping, dropping, hitting, movement and much more.

Recorded with a set of extended frequency response microphones, the heavy weight and the subtle details of the rocks stand up to heavy layering and pitch manipulation This is the next generation of rockslides.

Available at $75.00 (1.20GB of sound).


  1. Very cool! Great price for that much content too!


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