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Posted by on Jan 24, 2012 | 5 comments

The Crowd-Choir Project, by Soniccouture

Soniccouture has started an interesting crowd-source project called CrowdChoir.

We are going to build a unique sampler instrument  – a choir / vocal ensemble made with hundreds of voices from all around the world.

We need a a minimum of 500 notes to layer in the instrument, so please help us if you can.

Everybody that sends us a recorded note will receive the CrowdChoir instrument free, in Kontakt /EXS & Ableton Live format.

The project will run for 2 months, until March 31st 2012

One participant chosen at random will receive a custom-made, 5 octave cherry-wood bcustom array mbra (worth $2000)


  1. Is to send a voice recorded of wich length?

  2. What an extraordinary project idea, and prize!!! If only I didn’t have this full time job! I’ll have to do some late night recordings to get in on this project…

  3. Are we aiming at specific vowel sounds? 

  4. @Colton
    On their web site they have more details. They asked for an “ahhh” sound when I logged in, not sure if this is permanent, Should be easy to confirm once you visit their webpage.

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