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Posted by on Jan 6, 2012 | 3 comments

January’s Featured Sound Designer: Elliott Koretz

New year, new month, and of course, a new featured sound designer. This month our special guest is sound designer Elliot Koretz.

I was born and raised just outside Boston and got my start in the industry very early. I guess I was always fascinated with tv and movies. When I was fourteen a cable tv/public access facility opened in my hometown and I got a job there (sometimes volunteer sometimes paid) working in tv production. It was great exposure and training. A number of years later when my dad got a job transfer to the Los Angeles area I moved out to L.A. with the thought that this really is the ultimate place to be for the film industry. I had a degree in film and went looking for work. After what turned out to be a very short search I landed an entry level position at Walt Disney Studios. I worked in the mail room for and then I had an opportunity to get into the editing dept which started me on my my way to being a sound editor and designer.

I am married with two children, two birds and a dog.

Credits @ IMDb


  1. Welcome!
    Elliot kindly responded to an email query I had regarding my P.O.V dissertation a few years back involving Being John Malkovich! Was a great help, so looking forward to hearing more :)

  2. The surname Koretz is not exactly a common one, ( but one I share) and I remember some years ago being quite excited to see the name “Koretz” in the rolling credits to the movie “Antz”. It’s So cool to see his ongoing success!

  3. This is a great site and I’m really happy to be participating in it. If anyone has questions about my work I will try my best to post answers. I think the upcoming interview has some nice insight and anecdotes about the process.

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