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Posted by on Dec 15, 2011 | 2 comments

Year End Sonic-mash!

I’ve been developing a generative sound-scape app in Max/MSP – drop in a bunch of files, specify a few values and it will spit out a sound scape which can run for……ever…..

Since it is that time of the year when most people are going to be celebrating/holidaying/having-a-good-time in some form or the other, I thought it would a good idea if we could create a sonic-mash of these sounds by getting everyone to contribute.

How? Record anything – voices, ambience, fireworks, bottle opening, shouts of joy, sounds of calm, carols, the local pub, a fireplace – anything that you might experience from now till the 9th of January. It could be recordings off a mobile phone, handheld recorder or the new microphone you gifted yourself for Christmas/end of the year. I will close all upload channels on January 9th and on the 13th I’ll post a few of these generative soundscapes made up off all the sound we’ve recorded.


Minimum Duration: 4 seconds
Maximum Duration: 10 seconds
Format: WAV/AIFF
Sample Rate: 48/44.1KHz (nothing higher if possible, I don’t want to fry my RAM!)

Where to upload?

I’ve created a SoundCloud group which you can access here. Please make sure the files are downloadable.

Or by FTP:
FTP Username:
FTP Server:
FTP Server Port: 21
SFTP Server Port: 2222
Password: sound123

Or you can email me: varun[at]designingsound[dot]org

This should be fun!

Meanwhile, have a good Christmas/New Year/Season’s Greetings/just-a-good-time!


  1. How many files can we deliver? Mono or Stereo or both? 

    • As many as you would like! Mono or stereo is fine


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