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The Interface, By BOOM Library

The Interface, new library by BOOM. Available at €149.

Get more than 2200 different interface sound effects: Buttons, clicks, slides, jingles and much more. Delivered broadcast ready in 48kHz and 24-bit, this library makes your digital interfaces speak a whole new and modern language.

Tons of clicks, buttons and slides, categorized in different styles (wooden, metallic, glassy, arcade, digital, generic, etc.)

Here’s a short text sound designer David Phillipp wrote about his work on the library:

Have you opened today’s door of our BOOM Library advent calendar yet? If not, you better hurry up, as the doors are only open for three days and the content will be hidden after that period. Better be safe than sorry and check back every day!

If you found yesterday’s door you probably came across our latest release: “The Interface”.

So what is The Interface about? After “Cinematic Trailers” and “Medieval Weapons” we thought it would be nice to give our ears some rest and work on a quieter project. Well, that is not the main reason obviously. As a sound designer for video games you will always need click and button sounds, as it is quite common for the player to click on something every now and then. Designing sound for any other media or purpose than games will also require an arsenal of click sounds, for example movies with GUI sequences or interactive presentations.

Have you ever found yourself spending too much time looking for that simple metallic or plastic click to spice up the still silent clicking happening on the screen? That’s the reason why we spent a lot of time recording loads of metal, plastic, wood and glass clicks ‘n’ pops to speed up your workflow and make your life as a sound designer a little easier again. For even more variety we also created a bunch of synthetic, digital and arcade feedback sounds which will help you design your everyday click-effects.

What about those general feedback sounds to keep the players on track of what they are doing at the moment? Isn’t it a pain to spend hours on creating that orchestral jingle when all you really want to do is get back to your massive ten-layer explosion sound effect? That’s the reason why our award winning composers from Dynamedion put a lot of effort into creating orchestral and arcade jingles to either speed up your workflow or just to inspire your own little composition.

“The Interface” may be a bit of a quiet library compared to our other releases but believe us, we would never want to miss it again as these often under-estimated sound effects can be quite exhausting and time-consuming to create. “The Interface” will help you design feedback sounds, it will speed up your workflow or will eventually just cheer up your mood when you enter the keywords “jingle”, “orchestral”, and “positive” in the library manager of your choice.

Make sure you check out the demos on our homepage where you can hear “The Interface” in action. Especially Arno Deutschbauer’s track is worth a listen – he created a tune which exclusively contains (processed of course) “The Interface” sound effects.


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