Cast Away Discussion with Randy Thom: Recording now Available

We had a great time discussing the sound of Cast Away with Randy Thom this morning, and the recording is now available.

I have to apologize though, I screwed up on starting the recording…and it’s missing the first minute of the discussion. Here’s a recap. I asked Randy to describe the goals of the sound design for the film. He started by describing how the director, Robert Zemeckis, explained to him that there was going to be a sizable portion of the film that would have no music and very little dialogue. He mentioned how this excited him, but also that it put a lot of pressure on him as the sound effects would be integral to carrying the story over such a large portion of the film. He went on to describe that Zemeckis didn’t want any sounds of other life on the island with Hanks…no birds, no insects…and this is where the recording starts.

I hope you all enjoy the discussion.

10 Comments on “Cast Away Discussion with Randy Thom: Recording now Available

  1. Super great concept, awful sound on the anymeeting and such weird sync between the varrious audio streams.

  2. Wow!!! Thanks for uploading the interview! I couldn’t participate, so this is a great chance to at least watch it.

  3. For the price I think its fabulous! :-)
    Just that I wouldn’t mind the improvements.
    would not be sad if there was a “listen/store on iPhone” functionality either…

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