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SoundWizardry – Sound for Heroes of Newerth

It’s great when you come across someone who is open enough to post a step-by-step brain dump of their sound design process, and especially welcomed when the audio comes married to video pulled directly from a game you can all run off and play.

After digging through his spell book of secrets, it’s clear that Glenn Goa (@SoundWizard) has got the sound design bug and a deep urge to educate the masses. Since July of this year he’s been breaking down each of the featured characters sound sets by: attack, ability, and death sounds. Through each post he brings you into his design process by detailing decisions and sharing his experiences along the way.

An example from the Geomancer:

I was quite puzzled on how I was going to make a loopable sound out of sand that didn’t sound like it was doing damage but loud enough. I found a bizarre solution by simply using various sounds of wind gusts picking up sand, and making it loop with a generated signal sound called a Brownian Noise.

YouTube Preview Image

Or this one with the Drunken Master:

For the geysers, I used recordings of a water hose being squeezed tightly to get a harsher sound.
I added that with the sound of waterfalls and buckets throwing water onto the ground.
I basically had to become 12 years old again and do the things my parents told me to stop doing, in other words, I got paid for making a mess.
In your face, parents!

YouTube Preview Image

Definitely drop by and read up on some of the cool things he’s doing with sound in the game, then head over and give Heroes of Newerth a spin!

Twitter: @SoundWizard



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