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Posted by on Nov 29, 2011 | 4 comments


“The ultimate metaphoric sound is silence. If you can get the film to a place with no sound where there should be sound, the audience will crowd that silence with sounds and feelings of their own making, and they will, individually, answer the question of, “Why is it quiet?” If the slope to silence is at the right angle, you will get the audience to a strange and wonderful place where the film becomes their own creation in a way that is deeper than any other.”

Walter Murch


  1. Silence it’s great.
    Space jump with the parachute from new Star Trek is one of my favorite moments of all time. It should be in the textbooks.

  2. There is now a script, which in the end I want to use the silence. my teacher told me in college to be very careful, a difficult task. necessary to perfect the interception system. a 5-minute short film is very difficult to achieve a spectator, because this is probably too short. I will try, if you have a quality, will be happy to share with you too.

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