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Posted by on Nov 7, 2011 | 0 comments

SFX News: Antique Cameras, Machine Guns, Creatures, Balloon Squeaks

Some recent sfx news:

- Sound Editor, Designer and Mixer, Richard Humphries runs a sfx library, where he has released three packages so far, including Antique Movie and Still Cameras, Whooshes-Stingers and Hits Vol-1, and Machine Guns. Visit Takoma Media for more info.

- Daniel Gooding released The Monster Creature Hero Library, including almost 3000 sounds. 25% Of each perchase goes to, to help stop animal cruelty.

YouTube Preview Image

- Arrowhead Audio released Balloon Squeaks and Creaks.

- The Recordist M60 Machine Gun HD coming Tuesday.

- 20% off on all Blastwave FX sound effects, through December 31.

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