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Posted by on Nov 24, 2011 | 4 comments

HISS and a ROAR Releases BEACHES

HISS and a ROAR has released BEACHES, an ambience library recorded by sound designer Tim Prebble.

If you’ve ever had to sync waves to picture then you will appreciate the need for a collection of cleanly recorded waves of various scales; from gentle idyllic waterlaps to more turbulent surf. Each location in this new library was recorded to six tracks, capturing a narrow & coherent stereo image with a Sanken CSS5 microphone, a dynamic & exciting pointillistic image using a pair of Sennheiser MKH70s, and a more diffuse, brighter image using a pair of omni-directional DPA 6040 microphones.

Each ambience in the library contains a minimum of three minutes duration for each of the three sets of stereo mics, in all fourteen beach locations, along with a photo to clearly identify the setting, and GPS coordinates incase you’d like to visit on Google Earth. This library aims to provide sound editors with the ability to easily choose which location and recording/s best match the perspective and point of view of your footage. Alternatively if you need a micro-nap, hit play & transport yourself to a pristine Pacific beach, far far away….

Available now at $49 and delivered at 24-Bit/96kHz.


  1. how did you get two mics into on blimp?

  2. Getting two mics into a blimp is easy with a little ingenuity. Getting three mics in there is harder :)

  3. will there be a vinyl release? ;)
    wonderful work, tim.

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