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Posted by on Oct 18, 2011 | 1 comment

Soundminer Pro v4.3 Available, Lion Compatible

Soundminer Pro v4.3 has been released, including new features and fixes.

Main New features

  • OS X 10.7 Lion Support
  • Brand new Rewire engine which thus far has proven to be more reliable, faster and less CPU intensive. This is part of ongoing developments for our next pro version.
  • Auto-Detect Pro Tools session – Soundminer will check when moving between the two applications to see if the current session has changed and alert you as well as import the new session parameters. A configuration file can turn this on or off.
  • Improved Foreign character support – umlauts, accents and other ‘non-English’ characters are parsed without issue in the boolean search area.
  • Improvements on speed – we’ve begun to roll in some of the ‘new code’ that will see huge improvements upon speed in both searching nd conversion over time.
  • VST RACK now with 16 slots for sound design! And we’ve added a new XML configuratin file for better SAVE/RECALL of presets.
  • Improved iTunes import – v4/v4pro now pre-reads any iTunes library file and parses any and all playlists.
  • AAC scanning of metadata.- added to this version is improved metadata embedding and reading for AAC files.


1 Comment

  1. On their site it´s just an announcement and I haven´t heard from them. Are you sure it has been released?
    When you say “available”. Where can it be downloaded? There´s nothing on the soundminer site.

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