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Creating An Immersive Experience

The August issue of ‘Post Magazine’ has an article about mixing to create an immersive experience – both in 7.1 and 5.1. It features interviews with Craig Henighan for ‘Real Steel’ (he also talks about crowd and robot design), Mike Minkler for ‘Fright Night’ (the remake) and Steve Pederson for ‘Final Destination 5’ (mixed in 5.1 and his thoughts on not using 7.1 and how it might have benefitted).

Even though home enter tainment equipment has become more sophisticated, experiencing a movie in the the- ater is still unsurpassed. With the increase of digital cinemas, a greater offering of IMAX films, the improvement of 3D technology and the growing popularity of the 7.1 format, theaters are able to offer the audience a movie experience like no other.

According to Robin Selden, senior VP, marketing at Dolby, Dolby Surround 7.1 is one of the fastest growing cinema audio formats in the history of their company.Their 7.1 format consists of eight chan- nels in the layout: Left, Center, Right, Low-Frequency Effects (LFE), Left Surround, Right Sur- round, Back Surround Left and Back Surround Right.With the addition of two surround speak- ers, mixers are able to more accurately pinpoint where a sound is placed.They also enhance the spatiality of the sound.

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