The Sound of “Need for Speed: The Run”

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Electronic Arts has started a 4-part series dedicated to explore the sound of “Need for Speed: The Run”. The first episode features product manager Jeff Sharma and audio directors Charles Deenen and Rich Adrian.

HP and Need For Speed present a 4-part series covering all aspects of sound in the latest entry into the Need For Speed franchise: Need For Speed The Run. We will take a behind-the-scenes look at how the team captures everything from a super car engine to the sound effects of a tense action sequence to create one of the most well-respected soundscapes in gaming.

8 Comments on “The Sound of “Need for Speed: The Run”

  1. This is only the first of the four. The others haven’t been posted yet. I’m excited to see them, though. Great work.

  2. this was just a HP ad disguised in a behind the scenes video haha.

  3. Hi Charles!
    I guess it will be a noob question, but could you explain the purpose of your mic-motion at 01.47? I was little confused when saw it.

    Did you do that to increase the sound attack (object speed) of the approaching car?

    Sorry my language.

  4. @Dmitry: yeah, bit odd huh, moving it the other way ? Fast cars sound slow when passing at 100+ miles per hour. When using a shotgun type mic (like the 191), that motion helps the sound of the passing car “sound” faster.

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