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Posted by on Aug 8, 2011 | 7 comments

The Sound of “Need for Speed: The Run”

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Electronic Arts has started a 4-part series dedicated to explore the sound of “Need for Speed: The Run”. The first episode features product manager Jeff Sharma and audio directors Charles Deenen and Rich Adrian.

HP and Need For Speed present a 4-part series covering all aspects of sound in the latest entry into the Need For Speed franchise: Need For Speed The Run. We will take a behind-the-scenes look at how the team captures everything from a super car engine to the sound effects of a tense action sequence to create one of the most well-respected soundscapes in gaming.


  1. This is only the first of the four. The others haven’t been posted yet. I’m excited to see them, though. Great work.

  2. this was just a HP ad disguised in a behind the scenes video haha.

  3. Hi Charles!
    I guess it will be a noob question, but could you explain the purpose of your mic-motion at 01.47? I was little confused when saw it.

    Did you do that to increase the sound attack (object speed) of the approaching car?

    Sorry my language.

  4. @Dmitry: yeah, bit odd huh, moving it the other way ? Fast cars sound slow when passing at 100+ miles per hour. When using a shotgun type mic (like the 191), that motion helps the sound of the passing car “sound” faster.

  5. Thank you Charles!


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