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Posted by on Aug 23, 2011 | 0 comments

Soundminer HD Now Supports iLok, Plus Discount on Ripper with v4/HD Purchases

Soundminer has released an iLok version of  Soundminer HD, which comes with new features, including unlimited databases and SmartDrag. Official specs below:

HD Searching features include:

  • supports advance mutli-field boolean search just like our noted v4 line.
  • supports direct in field searching
  • supports live linked searching
  • supports locked search within and search history paging.
  • supports new Live Filter and Launch pad search options.
  • supports Play history and the ability mark files as you go.
  • supports lyric searching
  • supports Library weighting.

HD Database/Playback/Transfer features:

  • supports WAVE, BWAV, aiff, sd2(mac only), and mp3 playback.
  • supports over 50 fields of metadata.
  • ability to edit Category and Description and UserComment metadata inline.
  • reads Soundminer V3 and V4 metadata, id3 and BWAV Bext data
  • supports unlimited Databases and Artwork.
  • import iTunes Library and Playlists as well as converts V4 databases.
  • large multi-channel waveform overview with the ability to resize and trim edit.
  • *New* SmartDrag mode for those who just canʼt wait….
  • High quality conversion algorithm built-in with advanced file renaming options.
  • Transfer History stores your pending transfers for intelligent drag and drop transfer
  • Support Pro Tools, Nuendo, Media Composer, Final Cut Pro, Pyramix, Digital Performer, Logic, Vegas,Sound Forge, Adobe Audition, Peak, Ableton Live, Reaper, etc.

Soundminer HD is available in both Mac or Windows version for $199 or a Universal version for $299. Also until the end of September, Soundminer Ripper (Mac) can be added to a v4/HD order for $100.

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