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Posted by on Jul 26, 2011 | 1 comment

WRAUGHK FX – New Independent Library

Robin Arnott has released his first commercial independent library: WRAUGHK FX 001 – Fireballs

What you get: 179 fire effects (26 minutes and 50 seconds of flamey glory) delivered as broadcast wav at 192 kHz/24bit and 96kHz/24bit in stereo Left-Right and additionally in stereo Mid-Side, with descriptive filenames and embedded descriptions.
Download size is 3.4 GB (zipped) for 192kHz and 1.7GB (zipped) for 96kHz.

WRAUGHK 001: Fireballs is a powerful high-definition collection of whooshing, roaring, bursting, sparking, whipping, zipping, sizzling and crackling fireballs, fire effects and infernos. With the goal building a malleable resource for the creative sound designer’s toolbox, I recruited flame effects expert Cary Sparx, who brought years of professional experience doing-awesome-stuff-with-fire.

These aren’t just for the connoisseur of explosions and burning action sequences – though they’re awesome for that. They’re also great for more textured whooshes and swishes, or adding punch to impacts, or generally getting that extra bassy oomph out of your badass sound creations. Aside from the flaming staves, rope darts, fire swords, meteors and flamethrowers that you’d hope for, you’ll also get some very unusual flame effects, like the tonal rush of a suffocating flame emerging from a giant PVC pipe (onto an unsuspecting recording engineer), or of melting plastic tonally zipping past before bursting into electronic sounding crackles and sizzles.

With effects organized by tool type and audio descriptors, in both stereo and in their unencoded M/S form, this collection makes finding just the right completely-kickass sound hassle-free.

Recorded at 192 kHz / 24bit with a Sennheiser MKH 50 / MKH 30 into a Tascam HD-P2 with Oade Brothers preamps, in a brand new hangar for an unopened airport. Certifiably awesome.


You can get it here.


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