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Posted by on Jul 11, 2011 | 2 comments

New Remix Competition at HISS and a ROAR

Tim Prebble has announced the first remix competition of HISS and a ROAR:

After playing with the sounds in the Tortured Piano library over the last few weeks, I’ve become fascinated as to the ways these sounds can be processed, altered & recontextualised… But I am even more so interested in what other people might do with the sounds…. So I’ve just released the FREE version of the Tortured Piano library (45 x 16BIT 44.1KHZ Stereo .WAV sounds 58MB) and am hereby launching the first HISSandaROAR remix competition!

There will be three winners and each winner will receive a free copy of the full 192kHz 7GB Tortured Piano library. I have no idea what criteria I’ll use when listening and choosing, because I am totally open to what might be created…. Surprise me!

Details at musicofsound


  1. Would you like us to re-process the sounds individually or create a sound design “piece” including our processed sounds?

    Please let me know because our studio is excited to participate.


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