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Posted by on May 9, 2011 | 0 comments

More Sound Effects from the Independent Libraries

Sound effects makers never stop. Here’s what’s coming soon in the indie libraries:

TONSTURM has announced The Whoosh, sfx pack of whooshes, pass bys, etc.

JordanFehrFX released Porcelain Destruction (Smashes, Breaks, Impacts, Debris, Shatters, Pieces, Moves, Shakes), including 34 files (3-5 performances each) at 96k/24-Bit.

The Bells are coming to Rabbit Ears Audio

And last but not least, The Recordist is offering Thunderstorm HD at a special price of $50 (50% off). (Update: Snowballs HD Ultra is also coming. Snowball madness at 192k.

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