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Posted by on May 5, 2011 | 2 comments

Hart FX Announces New Releases, Motorcycle Sound Library Available for Free

Colin Hart has been very active with his company Hart FX, since the recent announcements of new releases (LFE Effects, two more), new assistant, and also new fantastic blog posts about their field recording trips. Colin has also released a new free library of sounds recorded from a Yamaha R1 motorcycle, at 96kHz/24-Bit.

Colin comments on his blog:

I’ll be writing about these topics:

1. Intro to the series (the article you are currently reading)
2. Recording the Yamaha R1
3. Recording at the Mechanic’s Garage
4. Falls Park Recordings
5. Recording Explosions
6. Recording Firearms

I will also be doing a series of tutorials that are related to some of the topics that I’ll be talking about. I’ll be releasing them periodically over the next month. Here’s the list of those topics:

1. Tutorial: Mic Placement with A Single Mic
2. Tutorial: Mic Placement with Multiple Microphones
3. Review: What surprised me about the RØDE NTG2
4. Tutorial: Recording with Multiple Machines

More here.


  1. Free sounds from the great Dr. Hart? It is going to be a good week! 

  2. Very good sounds, but I heard a lot of ticks and pops.

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