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Posted by on Apr 22, 2011 | 6 comments

Using Dropbox for Sharing Pro Tools Sessions Between a Group

Charles Deenen has published a useful guide on his site explaining how to setup Dropbox for sharing Pro Tools sessions quickly between a group of people, in the cloud.

Dropbox allows you to work “virtually” in a group with Protools, sharing sessions almost instantly. However there are a few rules to follow during the workflow, to make this process smooth. The following is assumed:

  • You’re working with Protools 9.x
  • You work with a library program like Soundminer / Netmix etc.
  • You work with other people in a group, and need to open up their sessions
  • quickly from various locations.
  • Each editor / mixer has the necessary plugins to listen to the session (if needed)


  1. I’ve been using this for a while on post projects, it works well but if you share a DSL connection with other systems you need a router that supports MIMO to deal with the heavy traffic uploads and downloads. I have been using the Cisco E4200 Wifi router and it works extremely well for this.

  2. Been doing this for a while myself. Works great when working on two different computers. or wanting to send updates to post sup. 

  3. Ditto,

    We’ve mirrored our DAWs and trade Logic and ProTools files using DropBox.

  4. Awesome to hear guys ! You’ll also notice an incredible speed-up in the next while. the DB guys are rewriting their small-file handling system, so that DB’s with 100,000 files like us audio folks don’t slow down as much when using it with remote (non local) systems

  5. Drop box is awesome since it allows you to work in groups and also allow you to share sessions.It made my work easy.

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