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Posted by on Apr 21, 2011 | 0 comments

Sound Design Challenge #9: A Walk On The Beach

This month’s Sound Design Challenge is now live, and it’s a game audio based challenge designed for even beginners to handle. It’s a great learning opportunity if you’re looking to get your feet wet. There’s even an extended deadline this time around; a full two weeks. We have plans to migrate the Sound Design Challenge over here to Designing Sound in the future, but until then…

Well, here we are. This month’s Challenge took a significant amount of work to pull together, but I’m pleased to offer this game audio oriented challenge. To start off, I’d first like to take some time to thank Damian Kastbauer and Jeff Seamster for helping to design this challenge for the broadest participation possible (good for beginners too), and to Richie Nieto for providing templates for everyone to mess with. We also need to thank Ric Viers and BlastwaveFX for providing the sound effects you’ll all be using in this challenge. I’m going to take a moment to shamelessly plug their effects library. We’ve got the Blastdrive at work, and it’s an awesome collection. Head over to the Blastwave FX site and check out some of the many collections they sell, including the all new Sonopedia 2.0. I’d wax on about their audio goodness that are their effects, but you get to use some of them in this challenge yourself.

Now, the Challenge…You’re going to be using Wwise, the basic templates we provide, and the Blastwave FX sound files to create a background ambience of a beach that progresses from a nice calm day to a raging thunderstorm.

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UPDATE: Link was broken, but it is now fixed. Sorry for any confusion. Full details and materials for the challenge are available at

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