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Posted by on Apr 22, 2011 | 1 comment

New Webinars: Secrets for Great Film Sound with David Sonnenschein and Ric Viers

David Sonnenschein and Ric Viers are back again with “Secrets for Great Film Sound” webinar series.

Learn the essential tools and techniques from the best in the business!

  • How do you talk to the producer to get the gig in the first place?
  • What kind of prep can you do with the script to keep under budget and get the best recordings?
  • What gear and techniques do you need to solve those tricky dialogue scenes?
  • How can you integrate your skills with the picture editor and music composer?
  • What tools are available to help audio support character, emotion and story?


Wed. April 27, 6pm (Pacific) Session – Sign Up HERE

Thur. April 28, 9am (Pacific) Session – Sign Up HERE

More info at

1 Comment

  1. You’ll get a reasonable idea of what to expect in the full course from this free intro webinar. If you’re thinking of taking the course, and want some extra info, check out this review I did not too long ago:

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