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Posted by on Apr 14, 2011 | 1 comment

Arrowhead Audio, New SFX Library by Fred Pearson, “Squelch, Squish and Splat” Pack Available

Fred Pearson has launched Arrowhead Audio, a new independent SFX company focused on producing royalty-free small sample packs for sound editors/designers with really affordable prices.

The company has been launched along with a new library called “Squelch, Squish and Splat“, a sfx package loaded with 455 samples at 96kHz/24-Bit. Some of the items used are: Grapefruits, Tomatoes, Oranges, Potato Mashers, Vacuum Pipes and Fruit Bowls.


  • Lite – 100 samples | 16-Bit/44.1kHz | approx. $4
  • Full – 220 samples | 24-Bit/48kHz | approx. $7
  • Max – 455 samples | 24-Bit/96kHz | approx. $10

This is what Fred said about the process of making this library:

I had to decide what kind of sound effects I wanted to record and sell, and how to achieve this. The first pack I thought of was “Squelch, Squish and Splat”. This was because it was easy to get hold of the materials to create these sounds (which turned out to be tomatoes, grapefruits, baked beans and fruit cocktail amongst other things). I ended up recording the entire pack in roughly two hours of getting messy (with good friend Matt Meachem) with a Rode NTG-2, Rode NT-5, Audix D6 and AT 4050  through an Octopre which was recording into Pro Tools. The recording process was good fun and consisted of setting up the mic (with protective gauze) and leaving it rolling whilst we made sounds in the live room.

The editing process took a lot longer however. Matt and myself spent several days editing, cross-fading and normalizing all the sounds until we had got through the full two hour file. Throughout the process we found that the NTG-2 sounded the best, it had the flattest sound in regard to frequency with the least amount of proximity effect out of all the mics. It was also the quietest (best signal to noise ratio) which was one of our main reasons for choosing it consistently.

Find out more on his blog.

Arrowhead Audio on Twitter

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