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Posted by on Mar 7, 2011 | 6 comments

The School of Video Game Audio, Online Education by Game Audio Professionals

Perhaps many of you have wondered sometime if there’s any kind of online school for learning how to create audio for video games. Well, the wait is over and the first online game audio school will be launched in the next summer. It’s called “The School of Video Game Audio”. Here are the official details:

The Facts

  • The games industry is changing and expanding every month as a 60+ billion dollar industry
  • The games industry needs new employees that are experienced enough to start immediately
  • There are few options for audio professionals and students to acquire current practical knowledge of advanced game audio concepts in an easy to access and affordable manner

The Solution

  • Real world practical, leading edge training in the areas of speech, music, sfx, and presentation for games both technically and creatively
  • Program materials and course streams from beginners to seasoned audio pros wanting to get into game and interactive media
  • Students choose from pre-planned curricula as well as one-off specific courses
  • An easy payment structure that combines a monthly subscription with clear costs for exactly the courses the student desires
  • The program is created and run by leading industry experts and educators
  • Course material presented via video, real-time game engines, e-books, tutorials and tele-seminars
  • Courses can be started at any time and are online 24/7
  • Utilizes leading industry middleware solutions such as Wwise, FMOD and Unity
  • Courses are constantly refreshed to deal with the ever-evolving creative and technical needs of the game industry
  • This course strives to be the most advanced comprehensive and affordable program available

The Educators

The School of Video Game Audio was created by industry veterans Gordon Durity and Leonard J. Paul who have a combined history of over 30 years in the industry and over 20 years teaching audio for games. Their combined experience and dedication to the art and science of game audio has given their students the competitive edge in the industry. Their goal in creating the school is to raise the level of game audio on a world-wide scale by making it accessible and affordable to everyone who strives for excellence in this exciting field of development.

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  1. Wow! As an educator, this is something I find really interesting. I am going to have to get in contact with these two asap.

  2. Experienced guys no doubt, but not sure I would attend a school with such bad grammar on it’s web page. It’s not English school but it still looks unprofessional to read that.

  3. @Donald: Thanks for your comment. We’ve recently tightened up the grammar the web page and this posting. We’ll continue to do our best in the future to inspire confidence our ability to convey our knowledge of video game audio.

  4. I’ve seen the creators of this school speak numerous times at GDC, PAX, Game Sound Conference & many other presentations & panels… They totally on top of game audio. As a sound designer for animated television looking to get more into games, I’m very much looking forward to this!

  5. Where is the school located? Will the course be online? If so on what days and which time zone? How does this work exactly?

  6. Will there be any more programs in future?

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