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Posted by on Mar 28, 2011 | 3 comments

Sound Doodle, New Sound Manipulator by Andrew Spitz

Andrew Spitz, know as  founder of Social Sound Design and blogger at { sound+design }, where he showcases a lot of cool projects, such as his latest creation, called Sound Doodle, a very cool app for experimenting with sounds in many ways.

Sound Doodle is a free desktop application for Mac that takes the act of doodling, and brings it to the world of sound. The interface elements are designed so that you can mold your sound by doodling.

You have very basic editing features to crop, change playback direction and speed, loop, etc.

The routing allows you to draw the order that your sound travels through the effects modules.

To mix, each of your effects is visualized by a node.  As you move your mouse over the nodes, you hear more or less of that effect.

There are four effects, where you change the parameters by drawing. The four are: stereo multitap [tapz], reverb [verbz], granular synthesizer [grainz], and a 5 bank comb filter/resonator [rez].

Here’s a walk-through video of the app:

You can download it for free at { sound+design }


  1. Looks awesome – makes me want to buy a mac just so i can do some doodling

  2. Looks like lovely use of Max Msp :)

  3. Well I don’t care how it was made, great job. Don’t worry about the Max haters – doesn’t lessen its value in my book whatsoever. “Looks like a lovely use of code.” Thanks for the deep thoughts AM!

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