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Posted by on Jan 10, 2011 | 1 comment

Winter Wind Sound Effects and Avalanche Sound Design on The Recordist

The Recordist has released Winter Wind HD, a new sfx library loaded with three different Winter blizzards recorded at 96kHz and 24-Bit.

This collection includes wicked cold wind ambience from three seperate snow storms in North Idaho. Recorded at 24Bit 96kHz in 2008 and 2010, these blizzards from the great white north swept in and completely froze everything in its path.

The blizzard in 2008 roared for one day and blew snow and debris in all directions. The temperature had been at -5 degrees for a few days before so there were icy snow crystals and leaves whipping around. The location I recorded at was right near my electrical service wires and every so often they made a nice whistling sound.

The blizzard in late 2010 was producing 70 MPH gusts with sustained wind at 35MPH for two whole days. I was able to set the CSS-5 right outside my front door in the middle of the night and record for only 10 minutes at a time because the temperature was -10 degrees with wind chills up to -25 degrees.

The other windstorm in late 2010 blew in and was more like the steady 25 MPH wind you would experience on a daily basis in the desert South-West. I was able to set the CSS-5 near my garden fence which is like large chicken wire. It was very cold and the gear was freezing so I was not able to get as much as I wanted. I hope you enjoy my North Idaho winter winds. -Frank

Winter Wind HD – $20 | 24 Files | 1,69GB | 96kHz 24-Bit | Soundminer metadata Ready

Also, Frank has published a very cool post about designing an avalanche with sounds from an upcoming SFX package of Frank, called Snowfall HD.

While finishing up my next SoundBox HD library “Snowfall HD”, I took a few minutes out of serious editing time and had some fun trying to come up with avalanches with the source material. I found the files I wanted to experiment with in Soundminer and adjusted the pitch to 72% below normal and imported the files into Pro Tools. I quickly found two sets of snow falling off trees and layered them together. One set was full and heavy and the other set was lighter and dry.

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  1. Thanks for those tips! it seems to be a great library!


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