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Posted by on Jan 14, 2011 | 1 comment

The Sound of “Super Meat Boy”, an Interview with Jordan Fehr

VFS has interviewed Jordan Fehr (who maybe you already know because of his sfx work at Jordan Fehr FX), sound designer on “Super Meat Boy”.

Super Meat Boy, the indie platformer released in fall to near-universal praise, has a lot of charm, which is good when you’re giving gamers crippling cases of claw-hand from obsessively playing this punishing game. Retro fan service, adorable cutscenes, and hilarious death montages… They’re all a big part of why we love Super Meat Boy.

And so are the sound effects. The ubiquitous squish-splat as your little red meat-cube wall-jumps and dodges buzzsaws  is a huge part of the game’s character and integral to the experience.

Those sounds are the work of Sound Design for Visual Media grad Jordan Fehr. As a freelance sound designer in Ohio, Jordan is involved in sound design for film and theatre, but it’s his recent game audio work that really stands out: including indies like Super Meat Boy and Steambirds and AAA titles like last year’sDonkey Kong Country Returns, developed by Retro Studios.

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