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Posted by on Nov 2, 2010 | 4 comments

November's Featured Sound Designer: Jamey Scott

Wow, this year is almost over! One year ago I started with the exclusive sound design specials. It’s amazing to see the incredible persons that have visited us each month. And November will not be an exception. It’s an honor to announce the visit of a very talented sound designer: Jamey Scott.


Jamey Scott is a multi-talented, creative sound engineer and post-production facility owner in Burbank, CA. He’s been working as a creative sound designer, re-recording mixer, foley artist, dialog editor, adr recordist, game engine designer and implementer, and composer for the last 17 years, contributing pivotal roles in excellent independent films, award-winning animated shorts, and some of the most successful and influential video games in the industry’s history.

Jamey began his career as a “creative engineer” when he was very young, beginning his musical training on the trumpet at 10 years old. In high school he began playing guitar and studied Jazz and improvisation; a passion that would carry him through his college education where he studied under Rick Helzer at San Diego State University as his primary coursework for a Bachelor of Music degree with emphasis in Jazz studies and composition. Jamey was a celebrated Jazz guitarist who played alongside many outstanding and famous Jazz musicians.

After recording a CD and discovering the world of recording studios, his attention shifted intensely into the production side of things. He started to purchase recording equipment and slowly evolve a production system which allowed him to start making demos and pitching his musical ideas to potential clients. It didn’t take long, as his very first demo submission was received with a job offer to work for Echo Images, a CD-ROM production company servicing significant San Diego clientele and starting Jamey on his path of creating content for interactive media. This was in 1994, when it was all very new and unevolved so the trials and tribulations of learning a craft before there was any practiced workflows set Jamey up for a mindset of problem solving and innovating new ideas which continue to set him apart in the marketplace even today.

Shortly after working for Echo Images, Jamey was invited to join the esteemed creative team at Presto Studios, a young startup game developer which was home to some of the most talented and innovative digital artists in San Diego at that time. Jamey worked as the sole sound designer and composer at Presto Studios for about 7 years and worked on a large handful of successful and innovative games including Myst 3: ExileWhacked!Star Trek: Hidden EvilThe Journeyman Project 3: Legacy of TimeStephen King’s F13, and Gundam 0079: The War For Earth.

In 2001, Jamey left Presto Studios to become a freelancer and founded his company Dramatic Audio Post, Inc. After an immediate storm of successful projects such as Unreal Tournament 2003Enter the Matrix, and Shadowbane, Jamey decided to move his operation from San Diego to the heart of the production world in Burbank, CA in 2003. Since landing in Los Angeles, Jamey’s demand has snowballed, bringing him into major feature film productions, celebrated animations and the very best productions in the game industry including Jak3Daxter PSPUnreal Tournament 3Huxley and the massive XBox360 game, Gears of War. In addition, Jamey is ammassing an equally impressive list of credits in the feature film world with major creative contributions to films such as Automaton TransfusionVan Wilder2: The Rise of TajMan From EarthAn American Carol, and Desert Son.

Jamey is currently working on Gears of War 3, Bulletstorm, SOCOM4, and is serving as Audio Director for Bethesda Software’s HUNTED, in addition to other various game, film, and animation projects.


Jamey has won a handful of prestigious awards including the 1998 New Media Invision Award for his work on The Journeyman Project 3, an EMMA award for his work on Myst3: Exile, 2 regional EMMY awards for various San Diego broadcast productions, over 30 festival awards for his work on Eternal Gaze including the coveted “Best of Show – Electronic Theater” from Siggraph and was also short-listed for a 2003 Academy Award for Best Animated Short. He was also recently honored by the Game Audio Network Guild with 3 of the game audio industry’s highest awards for Gears of War, including Best Sound DesignBest Cinematic Audio, and the coveted “Audio of the Year” award. He has been involved with projects which have garnered multiple nominations and a win of Golden Reel Awards, and was most recently awarded an award for Best Score in a Feature Film by the Park City Music & Film Festival, for his musical score in “The Loneliest Road In America”.

Selected Work

  • Desert Son (2010) – Sound designer, Sound re-recording mixer and Supervising sound editor
  • Gears of War 2 (2008) – Lead sound designer
  • Unreal Tournament III (2007) – Sound designer
  • Gears of War (2006) – Sound designer and Sound re-recording mixer
  • Jak3 (2004) – Sound designer
  • Unreal Tournament 2003 (2003) – Sound designer
  • Myst III: Exile (2001) – Sound designer and Supervising sound editor
  • Star Trek: Hidden Evil (1999) – Sound designer
  • The Journeyman Project 3: Legacy of Time

Jamey Scott’s Website

Jamey Scott at IMDb


  1. Looking forward to this one!! Very cool!

  2. And what this bio doesn’t mention is that he’s a hell of a nice guy who always has a helpful word for fellow composers and sound designers! Much deserved success!

  3. I might overload the server with the amount of questions I have. Thanks a lot for sharing your experience, Jamey.

  4. No way, I remember playing The Journeyman Project.

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