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Posted by on Oct 12, 2010 | 4 comments

Waves Releases Sound Design Suite, Plus New Interviews with Charles Deenen and Scott Martin Gershin

Waves Audio has released the Sound Design Suite, a new bundle packed with 30 plugins oriented to sound design tasks. It was developed in collaboration with Charles Deenen and Scott Martin Gershin.

With over 30 plugins hand-picked especially for sound designers and post production facilities, the Waves
Sound Design Suite is a comprehensive and cost-effective collection of audio plugins that provides all the essentials—without breaking the bank. And to be sure we included the perfect plugins for sound design, Waves worked closely with two of the hardest-working pros in the business: movie maven Scott Martin Gershin (Star Trek, Hellboy 2, Chronicles of Riddick, American Beauty) and game guru Charles Deenen (Need for Speed, Fast & Furious 1and2).

From conventional effects to creative sonic textures, Sound Design Suite covers all your bases. With compression, EQ, pitch shifting, level maximization, and more, you get everything need to mold, modulate, and mangle your sound. If you’ve been looking for an all-in-one, off-the-shelf audio processing solution, Sound Design Suite is it—no more mixing and matching plugins from different bundles.

Whether you work in TV, movies, or games, the Waves Sound Design Suite gives you essential sound-shaping tools, for endless sound design possibilities.

Sound Design Suite is available from Waves at $1380 (Native) and $1920 (TDM).

Waves also added two great interviews:


  1. That’s a strange, they are not included any reverb, TrueVerb or RVerb. I think it’s much more useful for sound design than 4-5 different compression plugs or maximizers :)

  2. p.s.: But of course it is much cool to have additional option for your choice in Waves, especialy for such price, and it is better to buy your favorite reverb separately… Thank you Charles & Scott!

  3. How would one compare this new bundle to say the Gold or Silver versions. Are the extra Waves effects and missing a side-chainable comp (C1) worth it? The extra limiters at least are pretty useless I guess.

    Any other manufacturers got similar packages worth checking as I’m getting my first professional plug-in suite.

  4. Matti – I think this is a step up from Gold. I got an email from them with a special upgrade for gold users so my guess is this is the next step up especially since a lot of people already have gold. If you do a lot of sound design this is probably you’re best bet for the money but if you’re only just starting out then maybe think about the gold bundle and upgrade later if you find you need it.

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