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Posted by on Oct 6, 2010 | 5 comments

Sound Design Tutorial: Varispeed and Mapping to Tempo on Elastic Audio, by David Farmer

YouTube Preview Image

David Farmer has published the second part of his video tutorial on Elastic Audio, this time talking about varispeed and mapping to tempo functions.


  1. Serato Pitch ‘n Time Pro handles varispeed ramps wonderfully, without the stairstepping or Shuffle mode issues.

    The one downside is that it only works as an AudioSuite plugin, which for the most part suits me just fine.

  2. Soundshifter from Waves also performs similarly to Pitch N’ Time. It’s again an audiosuite process though. Both of those are the only viable performance moves I’ve found personally.

  3. Great tutorial, I am going to give this a try later. Thanks David! (from the Full Sail campus crew)

  4. Didn’t see all the video yet so maybe Dave mentioned this but you could drop that region into a structure instance and then just automate the pitch bend or record live pitch bends with your controller keyboard’s pitch wheel and print it to a track.

  5. Dave slightly forgot to mention the density button. Set density to 50ms and you can create smooth pitch changes. In his example it was still set to 250 which creates stair casing of pitch.

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