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Sound Design and Horror Film Workshop with Alan Howarth at Unsound Festival 2010

Alan Howarth will be giving a free Workshop on Sound Design for Horror Films on October 22 at Unsound Festival 2010. The place is TBA and the tickets are free.

A horror sound design workshop with one of the masters in the field, Alan Howarth, who has worked on countless movies including the “Star Trek” series, “Poltergeist”, “The Thing”, “Raiders of The Lost Arc”, “Exterminator 2”, “Robocop 2”, and many more.

Also, he will be hosting a Q&A Session on October 24 at Krakow Music Academy Concert Hall.

UK horror soundtrack expert Joel Martin speaks with Alan Howarth about working with John Carpenter on seminal horror soundtracks for films such as “Escape From New York”, “Halloween” 2,3,4,5,6, “They Live!” and “Prince of Darkness”. Also discusses his role as sound designer for the “Star Trek” movies, “The Thing”, “Poltergeist”, “Raiders of The Lost Arc” and many more.

More info at Unsound

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