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Posted by on Sep 24, 2010 | 5 comments

David Farmer Special: Field Recording Videos

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David Farmer has published more than 20 videos taken from his field recording sessions. You’ll find a very good dose of inspiration. From worldizing, to ambience recording, fails, accidents and more. It’s great!

Feel free to go to David Farmer’s YouTube Channel and have fun!


  1. Sorry about the audio sync! Crazy huh? All the sync is correct on my source files but it’s WAAAAAY out on some of those videos. I mean WAAAAAY out.

  2. I found it. Youtube didn’t like that the audio was AAC in the quicktimes. Fixing now.

  3. That is so cool. I’ve always enjoyed these clips where you actually see more of the context in which the sounds were recorded. I once got some excellent recordings with some cows huffing and smacking lips while eating crunchy oversized vegetables, but now I definitely have to figure out how to get a rhino, very heavy lips. Thanks for sharing, it’s nice to get a glimpse of the origins that become part of the magic and that it’s actually performed the way you do it yourself, with lots of help from family.
    Was there an auditory reason you wore gloves when recording the hobbit knives?

  4. Amazing! I’m so inspired. It’s so rare in Hollywood to go to those kinds of lengths to get new, specifically appropriate sounds. The extent of your ingenuity and tenacity to record the real thing in real spaces, are to be celebrated and admired. It seems now, we barely have enough time to cut the effects, let alone spend hours and days recording new source.

    Treebeard in a Land Cruiser!?! Who knew? Did you actually choose to use those worldized recordings? I think this was before Izotope RX… how much clean up did you do on your field recordings? Or did you leave them a little dirty for reality’s sake? Thanks so much for sharing!

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