INCEPTION SOUND: Wired magazine

This one flew under our radar. Wired Magazine published this little piece on Inception’s Richard King recording sound effects from what I can recognize in the background scenery out in Orange Country, CA. Nice video, seems like the  “b” camera to some of the recording shots in the Soundworks video.  In addition, I’d like to forward THIS ARTICLE from to everyone who’s seen the film. interesting read on what inception might be really about (I’m hoping it is anyway). Lastly, I’m sure everyone’s seen this by now but below is the youtube clip showcasing a little secret in one of the major score cues from the film.

7 Comments on “INCEPTION SOUND: Wired magazine

  1. It’s not really a secret, is it? Mr. Zimmer is going round in interviews saying it’s all over the score.

  2. also hans zimmer cant seem to write his own music yet still manages to find work?!

  3. It’s a pity the overloud wall to wall music demolishes so much of the SFX tracks…

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