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Posted by on Jul 15, 2010 | 0 comments

Gary Rizzo Talks About "Inception"

Colin Hart has talked with re-recording mixer Gary Rizzo about his favorite moments of “Inception”. This is what he said:

He replied (in my words…). There are a couple of great moments in the movie. The first one is this sequence that happens in Paris. You are down on the street in Paris, and all of a sudden things start exploding around you. But not a fiery explosion. It’s just all air, as if there was some kind of pressure making everything explode. It starts small and then everything around you is exploding, but there is never any fire. Some of the shots start for half a second in real time, then switch to slow motion. There was this news stand that starts to explode. I had a lot of low rumbling, and some air pressure sounds, and then some paper sounds and everything. There are also some cool animal sounds mixed in there. There are no incendiary or concussion explosions in there at all. It’s really cool.

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It seems like this film will be definitely an amazing experience in every aspect of filmmaking. We’ll keep you aware of the lastest news regarding the sound work there.

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