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Posted by on Jul 29, 2010 | 7 comments

Ben Burtt Showing His Source Material for Star Wars

(Warning! High level of nostalgic content) In the 6:05 mark of this video, you can see three great minutes of sound designer master Ben Burtt showcasing some of the source material he used for the layering of a sound for Star Wars.

The video is a part of a rare documentary about John Williams and the music of Star Wars published between 1989-1990. You can see the rest of the parts on YouTube.

Via The Sonic Spread


  1. awesome…..

    note to all here- that was an 8 layer effect…

  2. @Charles – It all comes down to having great source (and good ears). It’s nice when your able to cut something in with as little as one or two tracks. It feels like magic!

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