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Sound Design Seminar Presents "Essence of Voice Acting"

David Sonnenschein continues with his great series of online seminars. His last seminar about human voice in media was really good. David and his guest gave a cool overview of the power of human voice in media, showed several examples of voice overs, shared tips, techniques, answered questions, and also we listened to an interview with Audio Director David Collins. David is announcing a new seminar focused on voice over… Check:


Seminar 1: Freeing the Voice Through Character Study

Guest Speaker Phil Proctor of Firesign Theatre and VO fame reveals how he approaches character development using improv and physicality. He will also discuss the changes necessary to become a working voice actor today as compared to what worked in the VO field 20, or even 10 years ago. Hosts David Sonnenschein and Donna Summers contribute with psychoacoustic theory behind listening and vocal qualities, and how this affects commercial VO work today. We’ll answer questions on what makes an audition read or a demo stand out, and why having an online agent is important.

Seminar 2: Perfecting Dialects and Accents

Master Teacher and Dialect Expert Eliza Jane Schneider gives you tools about the skills and techniques to eliminate or neutralize your accent. David Sonnenschein explores the magic space between the words and production techniques to make your VO demo and audition stand out from the rest. Donna Summers reveals how to use your story and the copy “story” to develop an arsenal of voice types for commercial and theatrical work, and how to use these tools in the audition environment. We will also discuss the tools of a well-rounded VO talent.

They’ll listen to your voice recordings and design to help you land the job!

In the second half of each unique 2-hour seminar, they will play, analyze and discuss pre-selected demos/clips from submissions by the participants. They can only accept a limited number of submissions, so get them in early for acceptance (48 hours prior to seminar start is the latest we can receive them). If you have something ready or a work-in-progress (max. 1 min.), send info on yourself, your goals, the genre, length and what particular area you’d like to discuss, to

  • Seminar 1: Freeing the Voice Through Character Study – July 7, 9-11am PST live with PHIL PROCTOR (Firesign Theatre) – $60 (SIGN UP HERE)
  • Seminar 2: Perfecting Dialects and Accents – July 8, 6-8PM PST live with ELIZA JANE SCHNEIDER (South Park) – $60 (SIGN UP HERE)
  • Both Seminars – $100 ($20 off) (SIGN UP HERE) (IMPORTANT: enter discount code 100707f and they will send you registration info for both seminars).
  • Special Offer: Enroll as a member of VOPlanet and get your choice of one of the seminars for FREE and the second for $10 off ($50). Find out more about VOPlanet benefits and SIGN UP HERE.


Phil Proctor’s musical and linguistic talents have made him one of today’s most sought-after voice artists: ‘Howard’ in Rugrats, the ‘Drunken French Monkey’ in the Dr. Doolittle movies, and characters in Finding Nemo, Monsters, Inc., The Princess and the Frog and interactive games.  He was cited as Best Actor by the LA Free Press, won a Theatre World Award, LA Weekly and Drama Critics’ awards with the Antaeus company, three Daytime Emmys and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for Rugrats, and three Grammy nominations with the Firesign Theatre, one of whose recordings was inducted into the Library of Congress.

Eliza Jane Schneider is a singer, fiddler, author, actress, voice artist, dialectologist, composer, oral historian and playwright. You may be familiar with her work as most of the female voices on Comedy Central’s animated hit South Park. Her diverse background also includes starring roles in two CBS Saturday Morning live action television series, including the Emmy-Award winning Beakman’s World as “Liza.” Touted as Hollywood’s premiere professional dialect expert in both voice acting and coaching, she teaches Dialects and Accent Reduction at numerous Universities, Theater Centers, AFTRA and SAG.

David Sonnenschein, MFA USC Cinema/TV, author, sound designer, film director, musician, and neuroscientist, teaches Sound Design in film schools throughout Europe, the U.S., Asia and South America, and is now offering the Sound Design Seminar series for all who have online access. David is the author of “Sound Design: The Expressive Power of Music, Voice and Sound Effects in Cinema” Amazon book link, “A must-read!” – Pro Sound Magazine. Rated 5 stars on Amazon.

Donna Summers, agent and voiceover talent casting expert for 31 years, represents some of the most well known clients in the world. Through her two companies, VoiceCasting and VOplanet, she has recently booked talent with Hasbro, U.S Army, Nutri-Systems, Lucasarts, EA Games, NFL, Sony and Coca-Cola.  On the cutting edge of the voice talent industry, she has developed and initiated a new approach to online voice casting by becoming one of the first professionally established talent agencies to offer pre-qualified voice talent, casting services, and custom auditions and booking services to clients globally through the use of the Internet. Donna is the founder and host facilitator of Essence of Voice Acting Seminars.

Essence of Voice Acting is seminar series focusing on specific aspects of the voice and how to maximize its creative and professional potential. Stay tuned for announcements on upcoming topics and dates!

More info: Sonic Strategies

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