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Posted by on Jun 2, 2010 | 2 comments

Online Sound Design Seminar – The Power of Human Voice in Media, with David Sonnenschein and David Collins

David Sonnenschein continue with his fantastic seminar series. The last one was very cool. David shared lots of interesting and inspiring ways to get some creativity using sound in different ways, trying to not only listen, but also analyze the sound in several aspects, feel it, and treat them to achieve different goals. There’s a new online seminar scheduled, check the details below:


With over a decade of teaching Sound Design in film schools throughout Europe, the U.S., Asia and South America, David Sonnenschein, is now offering the Sound Design Seminar series for all who have online access.

Sound Design Seminar is open to professionals and students, so please feel free to forward this announcement to anyone that may have interest. We will limit the number of attendees to 25 for each seminar to give everyone a chance to ask questions, so reserve early. If we’re already full, you’ll be on the list for the next seminar. In the meeting you’ll get the core ideas and applications from the book “Sound Design”.


Through the lens of neuroscience, psychoacoustics and cinematic storytelling, this seminar introduces must-know aspects of the human voice by two renowned authorities in the field. Putting theory into practice, the presenters bring decades of experience maximizing the impact of the voice in audiovisual media. We’ll interact with you on how to:

  • Develop unique voice character POVs and Personalities, with an ear on pathology, hearing and speech development.
  • Master Prosody, the emotional meaning beyond the words.
  • Discover the art of Dialogue Editing, continuity, variety and the magical space between the words.
  • Effectively communicate Direction to voice talent.
  • Use the roots of Script Analysis to help your character and performance.
  • Get updated on the current state of the Culture and Industry of the Voice.
  • Find out what are the Six Hidden Tools of using the voice more effectively to get your message through.

Plus: Guest interview with David Collins, LucasArts Sound Designer and Voice Director. Listen how he sculpts 1000’s of dynamic interactive dialogue lines for the most popular video games on the market.


In the second half of each unique 2-hour seminar, David will screen, analyze and discuss video clips pre-selected from submissions by the participants (max. 5 min., 100mb file size). If you have something ready or a work-in-progress, send info on the genre, length and any particular area of sound that you’d like to discuss, to dsonn22[at]gmail[dot]com.


Fee: $50

More about David

Remember that there will be limited space available, so hurry up if you want to participate. If you had any suggestion or want to ask something, feel free to contact me at miguel[at]designingsound[dot]org or directly to David Sonnenschein at dsonn22[at]gmail[dot]com.


  1. Really interesting topic, the power of the human voice in the media, very attractive for all voice overs and voice producers!

  2. I think that your voice is a really powerful tool, especially if you have to do alot of speaking. Sounds like a great seminar.

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