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Posted by on May 7, 2010 | 6 comments

Jim Stout Special: Creating Organic Textures with Alchemy

The first video of the Jim Stout Special!

Here’s Jim showing how you can manipulate your own samples with Alchemy, to get lots of different sounds from organic sources.

Tools: Open Labs NeKo | Camel Audio Alchemy


  1. Hey Jim,
    Awesome demonstration. I just have a few questions, first what mic were you using to record the chicken and the dog food sounds and what type of preamp was it going into? Second, is alchemy for both windows and mac or is it specifically for that keyboard? And lastly, what kind of keyboard is that? Can it always display plug-ins, DAW windows, etc. onto that touchscreen?

  2. Hi Ray,

    Yes, the “keyboard” is like a computer + screen + keys. Its a good idea for lives. website is in references of article.

    Miguel, great video.

  3. Ray,

    The mic was a Rode NT4 stereo mic and it was recorded using an Edirol R-44.

    Alchemy is for both Mac and PC.

    The keyboard is the Open Labs Neko EX5, you can manipulate any DAW or VSTi with the touch screen.


  4. Great stuff Jim!

    I’ve been a fan of Alchemy for a while now – my biggest wish would be for drag and drop sample loading.

    Or at least a “rescan” button that would allow the Alchemy file browser to notice new samples that have been added to a folder while it’s running. The Alchemy file browser is the weakest part of an otherwise amazing program.

    Kudos for giving it some love!

  5. Great video and demonstration. That VSTi seems like a real sound design powerhouse.

  6. Excellent creation process!, these sounds give me cravings!.



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