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Posted by on May 28, 2010 | 7 comments

Jim Stout Special: Cool Software for Sound Design

Jim finishes his great special with another video, where he talks about his favorite software tools for sound design, answering several questions asked by the readers during this month. All the answers to the reader questions will be published on Monday.


  1. Thanks for this vdo. I’m choosing which DAW to use on Mac, and Logic seems to be a bang for a buck. But I’m curious if Logic is widely used in sound design. I usually hear about Pro Tools when talking about sound design.

  2. I have just bought Logic Pro . . .Soundtrack Pro seems to be good for the sound designing aspect? I’ve used Pro Tools for everything I’ve done so Logic looks complex and back to front – but I’m sure I’ll become accustomed to it. Especially with video’s like this! :)

  3. Just about anything can be, and is, used for sound design somewhere.
    People who have come into it from the sound editor / post prod world side of things tend to know PT already so often stick with it, while those coming at it more from a musicians perspective might be more likely to use Logic or DP or Ableton.

    But because it is more & more about creative use and abuse of plug-ins, the DAW you are doing it ‘in’ isn’t really as critical as what plugs etc you are using inside it.

    IMHO, especially since the advent of MaxForLive, Ableton is far and away the most advanced platform for sound mangling of all sorts, though for more conventional editing it is way behind PT, Logic etc .. so it depends on your focus, habits, workflow preferences and what sort of stuff you are trying to acheive …

    From my personal point of view, having Max/MSP plus Reaktor plus treatments like Speakerphone, Riverrun, GRM Tools etc plus Live’s own plugs all inside of Ableton is already pretty damn close to nirvana … and then if you were to throw a Kyma system into the mix …

  4. what reaktor ensemble is that?

  5. “cool”, “interesting”, “monster” – how about “informative”? :) We all tend to speak like that but from the side it all sounds the same :)

    We are more or less familiar with those applications, so maybe it worth to share some deeper personal experience in the next videos.

    Sorry if the style sounds way rude, it wasn’t the (main) intention :)

  6. > Paul

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