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Posted by on Oct 20, 2009 | 2 comments

The Sound FX Trampoline by Blastwave FX

Blastwave FX presented The Sound FX Trampoline, at this year’s AES convention in New York, NY. So funny!

Jumping on the trampoline triggers sounds from Blastwave FX high definition sound effects libraries. The higher you jump, the lower the pitch, and if you jump over twenty-five times a delay kicks in. This video shows a few brave jumpers. You can hear the sounds of a colobus monkey, male voice clip, baby, and a gong. And you can definitely see the smiles!

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  1. So funny,  specially the baby sound. My trampoline bought from online shop only can make tedious sound when I jump on it.  I really like those weird things, they make me so happy. It is good stuff to make fun of somebody without knowing the strange sounds that trampoline can make.

  2. yeah gary that is pritty funny have you seen the octagonal trampolines those look great.

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