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Posted by on Sep 1, 2009 | 8 comments

Mutator, Simple Sound Design with Absynth 5

Native Instruments has released Komplete 6, a new version of his amazing instrument collection. There is a new version of Absynth with new features and enhancements, among which is a new technology called Mutator, “an entirely fresh approach to sound design”allowing the intuitive combination of sound characteristics from several sounds of the factory library, without dealing with the complex Editor Pages of the oscillators, envelopes and effects sections.

If, for example, you want to add a “dirty” character to a soft pad sound, you could take the characteristics of a distorted bass from the ABSYNTH Library and apply them to the pad. This can be easily done using the KoreSound Browser, where you can find all your desired musical properties/attributes.

It’s also easy to define which elements of the sound should be mutated – e.g. Oscillator settings, filters, envelopes, effects – or everything together. The Randomize fader provides additional random variations. All of the newly-generated sounds and variations can be compared in the new Sound History window, and then be tagged with your desired attributes and saved for future use. In addition, the Mutator’s eight fine-tuning controls provide quick access to eight sound properties, such as brightness, bass, resonance, distortion and effects, for instant tweaking of your newly created sounds.defined


New Aetherizer Effect

A sophisticated granular effect “decomposes” the sounds in to the smallest particles (“grains”), which are then manipulated and re-assembled in a variety of ways. The results are unusual chorus and vocoder sounds, grain clouds, delays, pitch shifts, reverbs and strange reflections – and everything in between. This effect (as with all ABSYNTH effects) is also for working with external audio signals (e.g. audio tracks in a sequencer) – a playground for creative sound manipulation!

New Filters

The Cloud Filter has a similar structure as the Aetherizer’s granular effect, but acts in each of the three oscillator channels. It provides granular-based results such as unusual Chorus, Pitch Shift and reverb effects, and can make synth sounds that are dense and aggressive.

And new Comb Filter creates expanding physical-modelling-like sounds with finely adjustable resonance, which means even more realistic, acoustic and voluminous sounds can be achieved.

More info >> Native Instruments.


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